So Many Fabulous Partners & Donors :)

Collaboration was key to the success of this expedition.  

We at Houseboat Amazon are proud to work and be supported

by many international organizations.


Sponsoring Organizations

Partners in Spirit

Organizations below have provided financial or in-kind support.  THANK YOU!!!

Our project would not have been possible without the generosity of our donors. If you wish to donate and have your name added here, please visit our Donations Campaign

  • Jennifer Payne

  • Rachel Locke

  • Bart Creemers

  • Deborah Wakshull

  • Kay Beeley

  • David Robeson

  • Anthony D'Agostino

  • Carolyn E. Talus

  • Steven Koch

  • Justine M. Seymour

  • Azra Marghoob

  • Janet Marsh

  • Leila M. Porter

  • Riaz Karamali

  • Krista Lea Timlin

  • Matthew McCartin

  • Mustafah Dhada

  • Stephen D. Nash

  • Linda Fluk & Fernando Garzon

  • Connie Cloak

  • Suzanne St. Clair

  • David Robeson

  • Marilyn K Flint

  • Colin P. Groves

  • Judith W. Leonard

  • Matthew Heavner

  • Fernanda P.C, Ehrstrom

  • Debra Serna

  • Sandra L. Mills

  • Nyree D. Cox

  • Victor Gerhardstein

  • Barbara Hatch

  • Margaret E. Cloud

  • Michelle Singleton

  • Marjorie Wright

  • Braden Tempas

  • Luana Luna

  • Debra Lewis

  • Dirk Norris

  • Mary Ellen Richardson

  • Sue Henning

  • Daniel Pyne

  • Connie Cloak

  • Jeanne Fair

  • Diane Santas

  • Cynthia L. Vernon

  • Samuel R. Loftin

  • Lucas Ayres

  • Elias Sadalla Filho

  • Jeffery J. Tempas

  • Shannon N. Whitaker

Become a Partner

If you would like to partner with us, we would be delighted to hear from you! Please contact us.