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Global Conservation Institute Presents

We filmed our five-month expedition so that science could be made available to everyone, immersing the audience in our daily lives as we lived and worked together on a 60-foot houseboat, where we spoke Portuguese, English and Spanish.

By filming in the the Amazon forest, we worked to shed preconceived notions about biological science and invite the audience to explore with us the awe of the daily wildlife discovery. Our main research goal was to uncover the mystery surrounding the existence of an elusive “flying” saki monkey that had not been seen alive for over 80 years. The film follows a rainforest detective story to find this missing monkey.

Dr. Laura K. Marsh, our project leader, named our expedition Houseboat Amazon and organized an international team of wildlife professionals, students and scientists from Brazil, the United States, Columbia and Mexico. From January to May 2017, a Brazilian captain, his crew and rural guides joined us on the journey along three tributaries of the Upper Juruá River.

Ivan, our "super guide" pauses for a photo of a monkey in a very tall tree. Photo by Juan Pablo Bueno

Ivan, our "super guide" pauses for a photo of a monkey in a very tall tree. Photo by Juan Pablo Bueno

Join us in hand-carved canoes as we glide through flooded forest—and pull up your rubber boots to follow us through the challenging terrain of the rainforest. We will show you amazing creatures, record new species, and show you the work we did with with local people to discover the forest foods they eat and how they live in remote rainforest communities.

En route, we will discuss the need for eco-literacy in countries like the United States and how urban actions impact people in small rainforest communities that seem remote and disconnected from us. This film is intended to be a powerful tool for engaging an audience for whom real rainforest exploration is a complete mystery.

Find your passion hidden in a tangle of vines, the splash of a pink dolphin, or the flutter of a giant blue morpho’s wings. And maybe, just maybe, find it in a fluffy flying monkey.


Become the wild in the wilderness. Join us to find your heart in the jungle.

-Houseboat Amazon

Filming of the HBA Team activities during their daily research trips.


Just some of the gear our DP would bring with him in the field. Along with the drone and camcorder, he often brought his still Nikon camera, binoculars and a GPS unit. We would hang our gear in small saplings to keep ants from getting in it. Photo by Ivan Batista. Logo 2.png