A New Motor for the Houseboat

OK, OK, this isn't exactly a blog.

But hey, this is Rachel speaking, not Laura. 

We just got some photos from Lisley (who as we speak is working with Capitao readying the boat). Check out below the new houseboat motor and propeller, and the benches that Capitao made for the houseboat.

The new motor is more efficient and faster - so --- fuel savings! We still have a couple of back- up motors just in case... (The study region is remote.)

The benches were totally our Capitao's idea and a very sweet surprise. They will go on the top deck so the team has a place to sit and put things.

We are so delighted that Capital Elival is as keen as we are to go find the monkey (and whatever other cool stuff is living in one of the last bastians of intact rainforest).

For perspective - here's the old motor:

old houseboat motor

Here are the new motor and new propeller.  And new benches.

new houseboat motor
capitao with propeller
houseboat benches
propeller in the water

That's all I got :-)  -Rachel