Recap of Nov, 2016 Reconnaissance Trip

Watch the videos below for a recap of what happened in November, 2017 as Lísley, Laura and Alejandra worked with Capitao to get ready for expedition!

 It started in Manaus, Brazil — Pedro Santos and Lísley Lemos load huge trunks full of gear into Pedro’s car en route to the airport.

 Join Laura’s tour of construction happening on the dry-docked Houseboat Amazon (Barco Bruno)! When the rains come in, this boat will float. - Next 2 videos (parts B and C).

Lísley and Capitao discuss creating a place for HBA team members to work under a back porch complete with a mosquitero (in Portuguese).

Capitao tells Lísley he will arrange for a Houseboat Amazon flag we can fly on the boat! And then Lísley tells us about it in English! (next 2 videos, Parts E and F)

Then Laura and Capitao head off on the moto.